Studies show that MeCovers creates a more comfortable experience

The results of four different studies clearly show that patients who are offered or able to try out a privacy cover at a gynaecological appointment experience a greater sense of comfort and security, both before and during the examination. The studies are summarized below.

A survey conducted by Kantar Sifo

A survey conducted by Kantar Sifo shows that most women associate the gynecological examination with words like uncomfortable or tense. Some women cancels their examination or avoids it completely since the examination is an intrusive experience for many women who feel exposed, emotional distress and lack of control. Many women testify that they have not been offered anything to cover themselves with on the lower body while they believe that the experience would be significantly better if there was such an opportunity. More than half of the women in the survey answered that they would use such protection cover if it existed. For more information about the studie please contact us.


A survey conducted among youth health centers in Region Skåne

In a survey conducted by youth health centers in Region Skåne which was sent out to patients who had undergone a gynecological examination shows that 79.7% used MeCovers gynecological skirt and about 20,3% felt no need to use the gynecological skirt. The women who chose to use the gynecological skirt during the examination experienced more comfort and became more relaxed. Almost all participants thought that it should be a given fact to be offered a gynecological dress at a gynecological examination. For more information about the studie please contact us.


Karlstad report –  a test performed at CSK

In a test performed at the Central Hospital in Karlstad, the result of using MeCovers gynecological skirt was a positive experience for both doctros and patients. Doctors believe that they are given the opportunity to have eye contact with the patient and can have a calm and more comfortable conversation with the patient during the examination. The patients who were allowed to test the gynecological skirt describes it as good for being a disposable product and that it improved the experience during the gynecological examination as they experienced more security and comfort. For more information about the studie please contact us.



A literature study from Lunds University

A study conducted at Lund describes womens experiences from the gynecological examination. The study shows that most women experience the gynecological examination generally positive but have negative feelings towards the examination procedure with feelings like anxiety and shame. The study confirms that they feel a higher security and a more positive experience when they get offered some kind of equipment to cover themselves with to not feel unmitted. For more information about the studie please contact us.